Hello my name is Guillaume MrNiato I’m 19 years old and I’m interested about console hacking since 2010 with the PS3.

I’ve developed a few softwares on PS3 for games such as Call Of Duty you can see all the application here.

I own :

-PS4 Testing Kit activated (x2).

-PS4 retail on 4.55 firmware.

-PS3 DECR-1000A from codemasters.

-PS3 FAT on CFW 4.53 DEX Rebug.

-PS3 FAT on CFW 4.82 CEX Rebug.


I used to own :

-PS3 DECH-4000AA Ultraslim.

-PS3 DECH-2000A Slim.

-PS3 DECR-1400A FAT.

See more pictures here.